Greg's Aphorisms

This section, has little to do with Greg's music, but is a collection of Aphorisms that Greg has written:

Strengths and Weaknesses

Capitalize on your strengths and compensate for your weaknesses.

Every weakness is a strength out of context.


Ambiguity breeds depth.

Faith without works is hypocrisy, works without faith is legalism.

Faith is the belief that meaning has been imposed upon our lives. Faithlessness is our attempt to make up our own meaning.

Faith is God's litmus test of our desire.

Cynicism is innuendo's 'siren song'. Faith is innuendo's 'Hallelujah Chorus.'

I've lost faith... in coincidence.

Faith gives us enough belief to stand, but not so much as to remove doubt.

Faith is equally useless for finding what is not there, as it is for looking at the obvious.

If people can't at least mistake your Christianity for heresy, your Christianity is not completely Christian.

You'll have no reason to love a God you have no reason to doubt.

Faith is no excuse for stupidity.

Faith is not the exploration of what the world is but rather what  I can be.

You can lose your faith just as easily with too much certainty as you can with too much doubt.


At the heart of secularism, stands the crucifixion of purpose itself.


If the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, then the love of God is its end.

Wisdom is a predictor. Foolishness is predictable.

Wisdom is prophetic. Foolishness is pathetic.

Wisdom provides the right answers by asking the right questions.

The limitations of wisdom are manifest in surprise.

Wisdom cannot escape doubt. Foolishness cannot escape certainty.

Foolishness is incompetence unrecognized.

Humility and wisdom can only coexist if wisdom always doubts itself at least 5%.

Most answers are really disguised questions.

Often times, the questions pose as answers.



The difference between a lie and a deception is that deception is based upon truth.

Before we can know the world, we must know ourselves.

The truth is kind of like computer security. You can never have it in its ideal. You can only hope to have enough complexity to earn its rewards.

There is no such thing as an illegitimate question in the light of truth.

Perception is the only reality the non-discerning may know.


I assess criticism for the same reason that I welcome it; to err is human.

Reason necessitates its own limitations. Faith compensates for them.

Although we can never have comprehensive knowledge, we can have a comprehensive worldview.

Start with the right questions and the right answers will work themselves out.

Reason robs a man of the delusion of His divinity

Death robs a man of the delusion of His divinity

Throw out reason and man is free to create reality in his own image.


Science has replaced our narrative with propositions and our faith with technology.

Life is like a sailboat where the heart is the sail and only a story can move it.

The Church

A church that renders the world irrelevant renders itself irrelevant.


Theory is spread through information. Creativity is spread through inspiration.


Laughter is the only solace when we lack grace.

Some people see the glass as half empty, others as half full. I see the glass and ask for a refill.

Brevity is the soul of wit, levity is the soul of nit.

Life... what a fantasic idea!

Continue to ask Why? until you are forced to ask Who?.

Just as miracles authenticate the speaker, technology authenticates the science.

Moderation in belief, often leads to extremism in action.

Two wrongs might not make a right, but three lefts do.

War is not a battle of men, but of ideas. The peaceniks attempt to wage peace with the idea that they can rid the world of ideas. After all, a world without ideas is not worth fighting for. The problem is that such a world is also not worth living for.

We often know what we are supposed to do, but fail to be motivated to do what we know.

The road to the presence of God is paved by thanksgiving.

Humility is having the boldness to stare weakness in the eye without flinching.

Life is not about what you have, it's about what you DO with what you have.

Never end your theology with a proposition.

In a changing world, we preserve something's essence by changing its form.

Sometimes God's grace speaks loudest via silence.

Heaven is where imagination was prophetic.

The difference between frivolity and joy is that joy is SERIOUS happiness.

Shallowness is a parachute when you're falling into oblivion, only delaying the inevitable.

So much of life is volitional, posing as incompetence.

Socialism is foolishness with good intentions.

Ethical Atheism is like a chord without a song, an actor without a play, a breath without life

A cliche is a saying that is repeated because it is true and ignored because it is repeated.

The problem with institutionalism is that it has to codify everything, including its ignorance.

Life makes you think. Why?

Atheism is the failure of the imagination in bridging the gaps between empiricism and reality.

Opiates are the religion of the masses.

Kharma is justice running over grace in a Mack truck.

What we call nothing is really just a question unanswered.

Both the proud and the insecure person have this in common. They both think everything is about them.

Frivolity is a 'poor man's' substitute for grace.

Profundity is when a complex question surprises us with a simple answer.

The more you know about something, the more you'll want to know about everything.

Nothing drives obedience like passion!

Am I so sinful that I only seek God in pain and only find Him in blessing?

Behind every simple solution is a more complex set of questions.

God speaks loudest via surprise.

If good ministry is to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable, then the best complement a minister can receive is the former, the best criticism the latter.

You have a choice to either examine my fruit, or to examine me as a fruit.

The abandonment of imagination is the surest way to the delusion of security.

He who has a lot to say about nothing only proves that he has not thought about anything.

Death is life screaming, You don't get the liberty of believing what you want! 


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